Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Truth of Careless Government

Texas government has failed the people, as it has continued to force restrictive and religious forms of legislation.  Everyone knows about what is going on in our great city of Austin, as the controversy over HB2 and SB1 have brought thousands out to protest.  Senator Wendy Davis' fillibuster to prevent the passage of these bills during the 1st Special Session.  After a clear and very public defeat, it only took Governor Rick Perry a day to call an immediate 2nd Session, which is costing Texas tax payers close to $1,000,000.

An article about who is funding Rick Perry - OpenSecrets.org and Talking Points and is Rick Perry Gay?

First, should that tax payers be responsible for paying for what is clearly a fake special session for the purpose of passing legislation that the people do not want?  Should our governor not be faced with some form of legal backlash for his vagrant disregard for what is right and just?

Many politicians hide behind only a name, seldom actually being known.  Thus, I wanted to put faces to the names of those that have failed Texas.  These are the same people that everyone should work to ensure they do not get re-elected.  We need to be proactive, donate funds, and get more civic minded representatives in office, especially more women and more minorities.  Responsible government wouldn't allow a majority of a party to rule over all three areas - House, Senate, and Governor.  So perhaps legislation that prevents such rule over all three areas would best serve the people.

Second, don't you want to know who these people are that voted to restrict women's rights of choice, eliminate affordable healthcare, and to attempt to legislate moralities of an extreme minority of people - the Right-Wing Christians.  Here is a bit of info and then the photos and links to the people that voted FOR HB2

Today the 83rd Legislature 2nd Special Session House of Representatives passed a vote in favor of HB2, the controversial bill "relating to the regulation of abortion procedures, providers, and facilities; providing penalties."  Vote: 2nd Reading Amendment 13 by Herrero Results:
Yea: 93
Nay: 53
NV: 2
Absent: 1

Representative Jodie Laubenberg purposefully tabled every amendment presented, many of which would have provided education, resources, and alternatives to HB2's extremist approach.  Her actions clearly showed no desire to participate in civil development of responsible legislation, and further showed her clear disdain for the principles of the office she holds.  She stated, “That is what gives us the authority and the right to be here, to do this.  This is not about politics. This is heartfelt for every member.”  A thorough review of the bills she sponsored and her voting record on important issues further proves that Jodie Laubenberg has only her own interest in mind, not that of representing the people that elected her.  Read Jodie Laubenberg's Donor records, Another article about her and the "Rape Kit", and more articles about her extremist stance to destroy women's rights.

My major concern is that these are the very same people that voted against programs that would provide better and equal access to healthcare, denied programs funding for better education, and they regularly refuse to ensure our government provides for all citizens.

You can read more about HB2, read the full text, see who voted, and what amendments were presented by clicking here.  The final vote will be on Wednesday, sending House Bill 2 to the Senate, which plans to begin working on the measure Thursday.

Additionally, there is a clear Conflict of Interest concerning these damaging bills and Gov. Rick Perry and his sister, Milla Perry Jones.  A thorough investigation of the links between Gov. Rick Perry and his sister, Milla Perry Jones, with United Surgical Partners International, Inc., which is a subsidiary of USPI Group Holdings, Inc., and Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, Texas Health Ventures Group, LLC, and Physician Hospitals of America will reveal this conflict of interest.  Including looking into Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, the major share holder in United Surgical Partners International, Inc.

Physician Hospitals of America's Secretary/Treasurer:
Milla Perry Jones, Vice President, Government Relations 
United Surgical Partners International
15305 Dallas Parkway #1600, Addison, TX 75001

Founding Member of Physician Hospitals of America:
United Surgical Partners International, Dallas, TX
Brett Brodnax , V.P. Development

Click on the name to learn more about each of these Representatives.

Representatives that voted YES:

Rep. Anderson, Charles "Doc" - District 56 Rep. Anderson, Charles "Doc" - District 56

House Member Rep. Ashby, Trent - District 57

House MemberRep. Aycock, Jimmie Don- District 54

House MemberRep. Bell, Cecil - District 3

House MemberRep. Bohac, Dwayne - District 138

House MemberRep. Bonnen, Dennis - (Co-Author) District 25

House MemberRep. Bonnen, Greg - District 24

House MemberRep. Branch, Dan - District 108

House Member Rep. Burkett, Cindy - (Co-Author) District 113

House MemberRep. Button, Angie Chen - District 112

House MemberRep. Callegari, Bill - District 132

House MemberRep. Capriglione, Giovanni - District 98

House MemberRep. Carter, Stefani - District 102

House Member Rep. Clardy, Travis - District 11

House Member Rep. Cook, Byron - District 8

House MemberRep. Craddick, Tom - District 82

House MemberRep. Creighton, Brandon - District 16

House Member Rep. Crownover, Myra - District 64

House Member Rep. Dale, Tony - District 136

House Member Rep. Darby, Drew - District 72

House Member Rep. Davis, John E. - District 129

House Member Rep. Elkins, Gary - District 135

House Member Rep. Fallon, Pat - District 106

House Member Rep. Farney, Marsha - District 20

House Member Rep. Fletcher, Allen - District 130

House Member Rep. Flynn, Dan - District 2

House Member Rep. Frank, James - District 69

House Member Rep. Frullo, John - District 84

House Member Rep. Geren, Charlie - District 99

House Member Rep. Goldman, Craig - District 97

House Member Rep. Gonzales, Larry - District 52

House Member Rep. Gooden, Lance - District 4

House Member Rep. Guillen, Ryan - District 31

House Member Rep. Harless, Patricia - District 126

House Member Rep. Harper-Brown, Linda - (Co-Author) District 105

House Member Rep. Hilderbran, Harvey - District 53

House Member Rep. Huberty, Dan - District 127

House Member Rep. Hughes, Bryan - District 5

House Member Rep. Hunter, Todd - District 32

House Member Rep. Isaac, Jason - District 45

House Member Rep. Kacal, Kyle - District 12

House Member Rep. Keffer, James L. "Jim" - District 60

House Member Rep. King, Ken - District 88

House Member Rep. King, Phil - (Co-Author) District 61

House Member Rep. King, Susan - District 71

House Member Rep. King, Tracy O. - District 80

House Member Rep. Kleinschmidt, Tim - District 17

House Member Rep. Klick, Stephanie - District 91

House Member Rep. Krause, Matt - District 93

House Member Rep. Kuempel, John - District 44

House Member Rep. Larson, Lyle - District 122

House Member Rep. Laubenberg, Jodie (Bill Author) - District 89  “That is what gives us the authority and the right to be here, to do this," said state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, R-Parker, the bill's author. "This is not about politics. This is heartfelt for every member.”

House Member Rep. Lavender, George - District 1

House Member Rep. Leach, Jeff - District 67

House Member Rep. Lewis, Tryon D. - District 81

House Member Rep. Lozano, J. M. - District 43

House Member Rep. Miller, Doug - District 73

House Member Rep. Miller, Rick - District 26

House Member Rep. Morrison, Geanie W. - District 30

House Member Rep. Murphy, Jim - District 133

House Member Rep. Orr, Rob - District 58

House Member Rep. Otto, John - District 18

House Member Rep. Paddie, Chris - District 9

House Member Rep. Parker, Tan - District 63

House Member Rep. Patrick, Diane - District 94

House Member Rep. Perry, Charles - District 83

House Member Rep. Phillips, Larry - District 62

House Member Rep. Pickett, Joe C. - District 79

House Member Rep. Pitts, Jim - District 10

House Member Rep. Price, Four - District 87

House Member Rep. Raney, John - District 14

House Member Rep. Ratliff, Bennett - District 115

House Member Rep. Riddle, Debbie - District 150

House Member Rep. Ritter, Allan - District 21

House Member Rep. Sanford, Scott - District 70

House Member Rep. Schaefer, Matt - District 6

House Member Rep. Sheets, Kenneth - District 107

House Member Rep. Sheffield, Ralph - District 55

House Member Rep. Simmons, Ron - District 65

House Member Rep. Smith, Wayne - District 128

House Member Rep. Smithee, John T. - District 86

House Member Rep. Springer, Drew - District 68

House Member Rep. Stephenson, Phil - District 85

House Member Rep. Stickland, Jonathan - District 92

House Member Rep. Taylor, Van - District 66

House Member Rep. Thompson, Ed - District 29

House Member Rep. Toth, Steve - District 15

House Member Rep. Turner, Scott - District 33

House Member Rep. Villalba, Jason - District 114

House Member Rep. White, James - District 19

House Member Rep. Workman, Paul - District 47

House Member Rep. Zedler, Bill - District 96

House Member Rep. Zerwas, John - District 28

Ed. Note: Laubenberg was appointed Chair of the Public Health Committee in 2008, a position she no longer holds, though she still serves on the Committee. However, her comments that the in-utero don't deserve access to health insurance because "they're not born yet" seems germane to the ongoing debate about HB 2 in this second special session.

State Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin, urged lawmakers to realize that no one is “pro-abortion,” and expressed discontent that some supporters of the bill had labeled opponents of the legislation “baby killers.” She said that the question is not when life begins but rather, “It’s a question of decisions that have to be made along the way.”
Howard said that during the regular session, a bipartisan group of lawmakers came together to increase financing for family planning services, which decrease maternal deaths, infant deaths and unplanned pregnancies.
“What we’re talking about here is going backwards,” she said. “It’s embarrassing that we’re doing this.”

Now that you have seen the faces, and hopefully learned a bit more about each one of them, then you can make your own decision as to whether or not these people deserve to remain in office.  For me, it is time to begin the process of ensuring these people are never allowed in public office again.

You can find out more about the Texas Democratic Party 
Additionally, Why did these Representatives NOT vote?
Rep. Kolkhorst
Rep. Sheffield, J. D. -  Absent

Rep. Straus

Now what:  Get out and volunteer with worthwhile organizations that can change the face of Texas politics.  Become an informed voter, and actually VOTE!

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